Monday, August 30, 2010

No room at the inn

Cabins everywhere

Kayakers need access to the sea to put-in, take-out and get off the water in an emergency. Kayak camping also requires a level area and, usually, potable water. Even in Newfoundland with its thousands of miles of coast, beachfront property is being gobbled up. Its getting harder to find wilderness campsites that hasn't been claimed by someone building a cabin.

Foreigners are buying up land that fronts on the sea. Local people need their get-away cabin even if they live in small remote communities. Kayakers are just one of the impacted groups with conflicting interests when considering use of coastal areas.

Surprise, the government has issued a discussion paper "Coastal and Ocean Management Strategy and Policy Framework for Newfoundland and Labrador" and is asking for input from interested parties.

I always thought that no one could own or control land 15 metres above the high tide mark. That doesn't hold if the land is part of a squatters' rights claim or an older land grant.

I have my doubts whether we'll get everything we need but one thing for certain, there's no need to lament if we get nothing if we do nothing. Let government know your concerns by mailing them at

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