Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sea World

A whale surfaces behind Sean

On Sunday we were lucky to be among whales. They were all over the bay. We could see their spray and hear their exhaust breaths. They swam within yards of us. It was thrilling.

Paddling by the steep cliffs, seagulls screamed their plaintive cries that's so characteristic of the seashore. There were white gulls and the immature grey.

Puffins floated on the waters and while we tried not to disturb them, they half ran and half flew to avoid us. They look such ungainly birds as they run and flap across the waves trying to get airborne.

We were in the world of the sea.

Then, there's the other Sea World, where sea creatures are kept in un-natural pens and tanks. I don't know, I just don't understand it.

I do know how lucky I am to live in proximity to the sea and to have the means ( the kayak) to be able to enjoy unobtrusively the ocean environment.

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