Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Breakin' up (is hard to do)

Taking the inside route

Sunday a group of 9 of us started a paddle in Bay Bulls. We finished as a group of 3 and a group of 6. Did we make a mistake in separating?

On our way out of Bay Bulls harbour and out into the open ocean it was apparent the swell was closer to the 2 metres in the 1 - 2 predicted range. I wasn't comfortable venturing north with all members of our party so by consensus we agreed to paddle south where we thought it was more manageable for all.

We decided on a crossing across the mouth of the bay when 3 indicated they preferred to paddle back to a narrower point in order to cross. Here the group broke up and we didn't see each other again. It became a group of 6 and 3.

Should we have all stuck together? If it had been 2 who wanted to separate I would say yes, but, 2 of the 3 were level 2 paddlers so I personally felt OK with the decision. They could take care of themselves and if need arose the third paddler could go for help. So, no, we didn't make a mistake in separating. It was unfortunate but not a mistake.

These types of decisions have to be made carefully on the water giving consideration to all safety factors.


  1. Agree tony.
    Responsiability lands on those who seperate for their own actions. I figure as long as no one is left behind or into a situation they are uncomfortable with everything is ok.

  2. It comes down to common sense doesn't it Lee.

    Tony :-)

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