Thursday, August 26, 2010

A matter of perspective

The long view

I usually go to Topsail Pond on Tuesday to practice paddle strokes and rolls. I didn't this week because I'm just too busy with things that have to get done. Drats! My waterproof camera is no closer to being fixed than it was 4 weeks ago. My computer is sick and uncooperative. A few of my current trials and tribulations.

Yesterday I got word that the daughter of friends John and Bertha passed away. Andrea was diagnosed about 25 years ago with MS and finally succumbed to her illness. During that time she was lovingly cared for by her parents who must have suffered as much as her to see the disease progressively rob her of her life.

In my case, as they say sh*t happens. I feel guilty about my trivialities in light of my friends plight. Its put things back in perspective for me.

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