Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nose plugs

Torbay return

We paddle without nose plugs so I've always wondered why people practiced rolls with nose plugs. I didn't use them, until recently. I started to have sinus issues when I spent too much time upside-down. So I broke down and bought a nose plug to use in roll practice.

While I've resorted to using a nose plug, I do at the end, do a few rolls without it just so as not to become reliant on it.


  1. I practice with nose plugs to protect my sinuses. I know a lot of whitewater kayakers, and most have some sort of sinus issue, a fair amount even have ear issues from water. So I practice with them. When it comes time for a combat roll it happens regardless of nose plugs.

    For new rollers I think it is a good idea, as there is enough going on being upside down underwater in a kayak. You shouldn't have to think about your head filling with water as well.

    I know Dubside says he just exhales slightly when he rolls. I need to work on that.


  2. I agree, no shame in using them when you are practising! They gives me a bit more thinking time as well as preventing a sore head when attempting dozens of rolls when I am trying to learn new stuff.
    Without a nose plug it is just like tumble turns when swimming lanes...
    I would suggest nose plugs are a good idea for beginning to learn in chlorinated pool water.

  3. Right on PO and Mackayak. I had enough of saltwater running out of my sinuses as much a day after that I've opted for nose plugs. Absolutely an excellent idea for new kayakers learning to roll.

    Tony :-)