Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grey foggy day

Waiting to assemble

We had a party of 9 today for a paddle out of Bay Bulls. The slipway we use there is not very roomy so the first on the water have to wait for the others.

The forecast was for rain but light winds. Driving down to Bay Bulls it was clear but within the harbour the fog had settled on the water. It seemed to be held in place by the surrounding hills.

It didn't matter to us. It wasn't pea soup fog because we could still see the land on both sides of the harbour. Safe enough! We turned on our VHF radios and headed out of the harbour.

Just underway

Tobias and Gene just getting into their stride as we head out the foggy harbour at Bay Bulls.

Damp, but not our spirits

The fog hung over the hills on the south side and it drizzling rain but we were happy to be on the water. Every day can't be a bright sunshiny day and even a dull dreary day like we had today has its appeal. Especially if your butt is in a kayak.

Crossing in swell

There was some concern for unsafe conditions off of North Head for some of the party so we changed gears and crossed Bay Bulls harbour from the north side to the south side. We carried on to Witless Bay for lunch.

No pics from the headland for good reason. My waterproof camera sprung a leak and is in for repairs and I was carrying an older camera that just couldn't get wet. I chose the picture ops carefully. Suffice to say it was too lumpy to risk taking it out of the zip lock bag out at the headland!

Around South Head

Stan led us back from our lunch in Witless Bay. At the headland the swell was 2 metres with the rebounding waves creating clapotis. It was knarly but comfortable.

As we rounded South Head a whale tour boat was on its way out to the seabird sanctuary and we had a few anxious moments until it passed to starboard. Stan had taken the correct course.

The next level

Back on the south side of Bay Bulls harbour we were out of the swell and clapotis we paddled through from Witless Bay and around South Head. Gene said later that it was the biggest water he'd been in up to that point.

Gene's a regular at St. Philips practices and today he stepped out of his comfort zone and took it to the next level. It showed how much progress he's made by coming out on Thursday evenings. I stuck close by behind and he didn't misplace one paddle stroke. Good for you Gene!

Things got calmer

On our way back to the put-in Clyde suggested he was going to take his time because he'd be back at work tomorrow soon enough. So we took our time because it was still early. I commented that after our ride in the gnarly conditions it was like putting a piece of expensive chocolate in the mouth to just let it melt slowly.

Heading back to the end of our paddle

We were taking our time but even so, the bottom of the harbour came into view as did our day on the water in Bay Bulls.

Clyde checks out a cave

Here Clyde floats on a palate of blues and greens and savours the last part of our paddle. Where we started the day in fog, we now had some reprieve with brighter light that made the colours really stand out.

After we put away our gear Clyde, Tobias and I decided we'd stop for a coffee and debrief the days paddle. It was another memorable day in our boats. Thanks to all in the group.


  1. Damn - how did I miss out on this one? Looks like a good day of varied conditions. Myself and Cheryl got out for a short paddle after supper tonight but not of this caliber!!


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  3. Sorry Sean, my mistake. I sent the mail to an old address by mistake. Looking forward to our next paddle together.

    Tony :-)