Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A name at last

A nice shot - almost

What a beautiful boat! Forgive the smudge on the lens.

For a long time I've thought about naming my boat as Malcolm and Stan have done. I've thought on many: "Westerbork" - concentration camp in Holland; "Waterman" - the name of the ship that brought my dad to Canada; "Swordfish" - the name of the submarine my dad served on in the Korean War; "Iconoclast" - the rebel in me.

After much thought I've settled on "Stardust". I've always been interested in astronomy and cosmology. I sense very deeply that I'm made up of stardust, as is the Nordkapp. Stardust from the supernova of previously exploded stars so its fitting in more than one way.

Now I'll have a call sign to use when I need to be called by VHF on the water. And, a reminder that we are stardust, we are golden ....


  1. Stardust it is Tony. Nice name. Matches your boat I feel.


  2. get your self back to the rockgarden!

  3. Thanks guys. Now I've got to get a stencil made up and I think I can see stars!

    Over and out, Tony :-)

  4. Stardust is a great name!