Thursday, August 12, 2010

Car shuttle

Coming up to Flatrock Point

One thing I'm not fond of is car shuttling. It takes time and it burns extra gas.

What guy hasn't looked back at a girl after passing her (or a guy if you're a gal!) on the sidewalk to see if she (he) looks as good going as coming? So it is with the shoreline. With that thought in mind, why car shuttle?

Just before we reached Flatrock Point we paddled in a channel formed by rocks that were more resistant to erosion. Paddling north the channel is open.

Looks as good going as coming

Here's the same channel on the return leg. It looks totally different because the line of cliffs curving to the left makes it look like we're paddling into a dead end. It doesn't give the impression at all that we've retraced our steps.

Sometimes a car shuttle is necessary but seeing the other side of the coin gives new perspective to a shoreline just paddled.

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