Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A small berg is still a berg

I knew there was an iceberg by Kellys Island because I could see it riding my bike long the coastal trail; finding the time was the issue.  Today I found it so I went to the harbour at Long Pond.

It didn't take long to get underway passing the "industrial complex" as a ship was unloading something I know not what.

About to exit the harbor I caught sight of the berg across at the island.

A short 30 minute crossing had me at the island with a couple of berg bits.  There were a few boats out too so I had to be careful because a kayak does not have high visibility.

Arrived at the island I paddled along the cliffs towards the berg under increasingly ominous skies.

And so, I reached the berg scoping it out from a distance for stability.

I took my time going around the berg cock wise for every side looks different.

Another side sparkling under a sun sneaking through broken cloud.

I hung out for about 30 minutes and took a parting look before ...

... heading back across the bay after a fantastic day on the water.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Paddling zest rediscovered

The first evening paddle of the year for me!  Thanks to Shane for instigating the paddle.  Also on the water were Ashleigh, Brian and Terry.

I did a few rolls before we set out down the shore towards Topsail Beach.  The water was cold but the air was warm.  That caused some problems on the camera lens with it fogging up.  Here we were making our way around the Rock of Ages.

Brian jumped out of his kayak and Ashleigh was conscripted to do an assisted rescue.  Brian has a habit of doing that; helping newer paddlers learn some of these essential skills.

There was a bit of wind from the SW which made it interesting paddling along the shore.  I haven't done much paddling lately, maybe having lost some of the enthusiasm for it and even feeling like I'm becoming a fair weather paddler ...

... but I hugged the shore getting the best of the action as waves beat off the rocks.  I felt like I was finding my mojo again.  Like riding a bike, you never forget.  It felt so natural and I relished the rough water.

We didn't go all the way to Topsail Beach.  Here we stopped by Harald Bluetooth rock while ...

... across the bay under grey skies Bell Island hovered on the horizon.  After bobbing up and down on the waves we went a sort distance further and paddled out into the bay to catch the stronger winds and bigger waves.  What took an hour to paddle into the wind was a 30 minute series of surf rides tearing back to the harbour at St. Philips.

Back at St. Philips I went up the river to wash the salt off of everything and did a few more rolls.  This is Ashleigh setting up to do her first, I think, cold water roll under Shane's watchful eye.

I think I lost a lot of interest in paddling because I was getting too much of a good thing.  I didn't have a lot of balance in my sporting life.  Then I got sidetracked with the purchase of a fatbike and kayaking took a back seat.  But, thanks to Shane I rediscovered the joy of ocean paddling.