Saturday, March 17, 2018

Four times is a charm

Its been meager pickings this winter to find days to paddle.  Today was only the fourth day I've been on the water this calendar year.  Pitiful really but ...

... I've found other things to do when the weather doesn't cooperate for kayaking (photo credit Brian).  But I digress, back to ...

... paddling.  Today I was lucky to be in the company of Cathy and ...

... Brian, who has also succumbed to the fatbike addiction.  Brian said so far this winter he's paddled once in January, February and now March.  I'm not alone!

Massive icicles just four weeks ago have had their feet nibbled by ocean waves.

Dave hasn't paddled since last September but happy to get out today.

Clyde and Brian paddle by Harald Bluetooth.

And, the fifth (excluding the guy behind the camera) of the group today - Gary.  That made  group of six of us, all of whom also own fatbikes!!! 

So, it was a short paddle of 13.5 kms as we try to get back in paddle shape.  In four days it will be spring and hopefully better paddle weather and regular weekly paddles.