Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In the dark

Neville barely seen

Paddle Canada has 4 levels of kayaking proficiency from Level I to Level IV. The cut-off for each level is a certain amount of wind, sea state, wave height, safe take-outs etc. A lot of this I feel is arbitrary and very difficult to pinpoint. For example, flat calm seas are Level I conditions. An exposed coast with no or few emergency takeouts is considered Level IV. What would a paddle in calm seas along an exposed coast be considered?

Interestingly, Paddle Canada certification levels don't address paddling in darkness. It does up the degree of difficulty, particularly navigation and leadership. The increase in difficulty is subjective. I contend its not much different from paddling an exposed coastline. Probably more challenging because I noticed it was very difficult to make out the coastline as we paddled along in darkness last Thursday.

Its all subjective. Sometimes its just a matter of knowing the forecast and looking out at the sea. If I like what I see, I go.

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  1. I find paddling in the dark adds a 4th dimension to it all....and its an awesome experience when the conditions are just right.