Sunday, August 22, 2010

Windy day paddle

Boats departing

The wind forecast for Saturday was east 20 knots. Get out the maps. We settled on a paddle from Portugal Cove to Bauline along a line of cliffs on the west side of Conception Bay. There we would be sheltered from the winds and we were for the most part. Bauline lay 11.5 kms north as we set out the same time as the ferry left for Bell Island.

A carpet of green

Some nice shades and tones of green contrast against the earthy hues of the rocks. The grass and stunted fir and spruce trees looked to me like a ragged carpet with holes in it draped over the bedrock.

The gulls scatter

The gulls resting on the rocks decided to scatter as Paul approaches. The sea kayak is a non-invasive craft but I find no matter how far or how close I get to seagulls, they rarely trust me and take to flight.

A crack in the wall

A crack in the wall of cliffs always attracts Clyde's attention.

At the falls

About an hour after leaving Portugal Cove we came to Brocks Head falls. These falls are always a fine sight as the water spills over the 200 foot tall cliffs. The falls are fed by Brocks Pond on the plateau of land above.

Sheltering cliffs

Continuing in a northerly direction to Bauline the cliffs are an imposing sight and on this day our sheltering friends.

The wind was blowing from the east (to the right) but we were well protected here. Not much further and conditions changed past Ore Head in the distance. We completed the last 4 kms into Bauline into 16 - 18 knot winds working up an appetite for lunch.

Lunch stop Bauline

The sun came full out and felt warm on our backs as we sat on the slipway in Bauline to have lunch. A couple of local characters came down to talk to us. There was the usual discussion on the seaworthiness of the kayak as the locals looked out on the waters outside the harbour and the whitecaps. It'll be rough at Gull Rocks on the way back one said.

We finished our lunch and surfed back the Portugal Cove for a total distance of 23 kms.

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