Friday, March 15, 2019

Bluebird day return

Well, its been such a windy winter that we haven't been able to get out since the end of January.  So I've had to get my outdoor fix by ...

... Snowbiking on my fatbike.  Today was a bluebird day and I finally managed to get out for a short paddle.  I arrived at the put-in with lots of ice ...

... to hinder my launch.  To my surprise my friend Hazen was across the boat basin and got a shot of me getting ready to launch.

Gobs of ice clung to the wharf works and after a quick chat with Hazen ...

... I was on my way, captured by Hazen.

Lots of icicles!  It was just below freezing.

Ice on the rocks testifies to the strength of the winds.  Spray from the waves were pushed high by the wind while the rising and falling tide nibbled at the ice at the water line.

Capped like a mushroom!

Squinting into the sun on the return through my favourite channel at Sailing Point and back at the take-out ...

... it was time to wash the salt off in the fresh river water.  Refreshing!

Spring is on the horizon and with some luck we'll have better luck with the wind.  I live in hope!