Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A thin calendar

Sean has options

Each year Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador has a summer Calendar of Events that includes club paddles. Club paddles are guided shared adventures. By that I mean its not a guided tour, nor is it strictly a shard adventure. It a shared adventure that's led by a Paddle Canada level II certified paddler.

These paddles are an opportunity for newer paddlers to meet similarly minded people and establish contacts to paddle with in general. This year the club had only 3 club paddles. Why is that? First, the trip leader has to be certified to level II. I am not. Some of them have led paddles in the past and don't want to anymore. Second, there's a fear of public ridicule if there are kayaking incidents during the paddle. There probably are more but these I believe are the main reasons.

What to do? A more concerted attempt to coerce people to come forward would be a good first step. Public ridicule may be difficult to control but certainly closer monitoring of the newsgroup would help.

A full Calendar of Events is important to attract and retain club members. KNL has some work to do to re-establish a full calendar. Otherwise, the club will bleed away members and threaten its continued effectiveness as a voice for paddlers in the Province.

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