Friday, March 5, 2010

Tipping point

OK, so you'll need a magnifying glass!

Its early March and spring is within sight. Its at the tipping point between winter and spring. I'm wondering if winter paddling is behind us and I'm anticipating taking the snow tires off the car. Its been a mild winter and they say there isn't much coastal ice to drift our way this spring. There may not be much coastal ice but icebergs will come.

Recently I purchased a piece of safety equipment that I think also has some tipping point or multi-season application.

Its a Thermal Protective Aid "Alusafe T"; aluminum bivvy style bag that a wet kayaker can get into to protect against hypothermia after a swim.

I'm thinking too that it could be used to stuff a sleeping bag into to give greater warmth on cold nights when kayak camping. That would save on storage space as a thinner sleeping bag could be carried.

Sorry about the small representation but you can get the skinny on the product on the Lalizas website.

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