Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Caught red handed

In the washing machine

I was caught red handed today trying to sneak in a paddle on a gloriously sunny and temperate day. Near St. Philips I saw Brian, we stopped, rolled down the windows and I had company. A stop at Ralph's house on the way it was three's company.

It was just a paddle we've done many times close to home but on a day like today it didn't wear thin. We paddled past Portugal Cove and on up to the falls flowing out of Brock's Head Pond. There and back Brian's GPS said 9.4 NM, or 17.5 kms. Not bad for a tad under 3 hours and not bad for a chance meeting. I was mighty pleased.

Brian in kayak heaven

Isn't this a quintessential kayak picture? Paddling through a short channel between St. Philips and Portugal Cove, dodging rocks exposed by low tide, a bit of white water (though not in this picture) all on a sunny springlike day. I don't think this channel has been named; maybe we should.

I moved in to get this shot of Brian and as soon as I heard the shutter close a wave put the bow up on the seaweed covered rocks. Bang! Oops. Battle stations! Brace like hell until the water comes back. I got free but then a bigger wave threatened to drive me right into a rock in the middle of the channel. Back paddling I got off the wave and after it rolled under I carried on. Happier outcome, hey Stan.

Ralph and icicle daggers

Up past Portugal Cove the cliffs just drop vertically into the sea. Here right next to the rocks there's upwards of 30 metres of water or more. Even with a bit of a swell running there wasn't much action against the cliffs because of the water depth.

Brocks Head Pond falls

Brian and Ralph heaved to as we came up to the falls. I was hoping they'd paddle up and in front of the falls to get a kayak in the picture.

I was surprised that the falls were not frozen over, even partially because there were a few icicles on the cliffs along the way. It was sort of why I wanted to come here but it may have to wait till next winter. I won't look forward to that just yet as spring is about to burst upon us.