Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kayak Bill

Moonlight Wave by Kayak Bill

I'm picking up my framed Kayak Bill print tomorrow.

I posted a short while ago that I had purchased one and I posted an oblique picture (I wanted to avoid copyright issues) of it along with some information about Kayak Bill. I've since received a jpg file from Lori Davidson that I can use to give a more true representation of the art work.

You can see that its a beautiful piece of work. But its not just the art, its the story behind the art that I find so attractive. If you haven't read my previous Kayak Bill blog entry, you can check out the story in a Sea Kayaker magazine on-line article from October 2005.

Unfortunately, Lori and Wes have taken down their website where I could order from a number of prints. You can get more info from son Wes by mailing "" if you like what you see.

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  1. Very nice. Great they sent you an jpg so you can share. I did look at the site from your previous post. Too bad it's down now.