Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has sprung

Spring in Torbay

Well, winter paddling is over as spring has arrived. We may well be paddling in winter-like conditions in spring here yet but I can feel the heat in the sun as it rises higher into the sky.

The arrival of spring means the breakup of ice that built up in harbours and along the shore all along the northly coast of Newfoundland. The wind blows it to and fro and sometimes we get lucky and it blows it in our direction.

Last year I had a very enjoyable day paddling through leads in the ice that had drifted into the cove at Torbay. Unfortunately, I don't expect to see the ice this year as its been unusually warms this winter and a lot of ice didn't form.

The arrival of spring heralds a new beginning for nature as the land comes back to life. Similarly, as the weather warms up there'll be more paddlers out and paddling season will get into full swing.

Next on the agenda - icebergs.

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