Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Skerwink Arch

Alex squints for a view into the sun

Skerwink arch was once a sea cave until the roof caved in and left an arch in its place. The arch is on the East Coast Trail which runs along the eastern edge of the Avalon Peninsula, this section being on the south side of Aquaforte harbour.

Sea kayakers are naturalists. We have to seek out these kinds of natural structures, poke our bows into the shallowest of caves and get sprayed from every waterfall we encounter. We're out there observing in a non-intrusive manner and we like to take pictures. Sometimes the pictures don't turn out so great.

As the arch is on the south side, when its a sunny day any pictures are often overexposed because the basic point and shoot camera can't deal with all the extra info. I've taken few of these images that just weren't fit to post. Now through the wonder of PhotoShop they can be doctored to be a bit more presentable.

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