Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do as I say

A fleet of one today

A glorious day for a paddle and paddle I would. I know - never paddle alone but the conditions were fine in a well know area. I can rationalize anything if I want to bad enough, as we all can. Today it wasn't about setting a good example.

So, I headed for Avondale, about a 45 minute drive from home and as I made my way along the coast my decision was vindicated.

I don't advocate paddling solo but there's something liberating about being on the water alone. A thought to pick up on another day.

Why we call home "The Rock"

Newfoundland is affectionately known as "The Rock". Its a rock sitting out in the middle of the North Atlantic and its a rock with not a lot of topsoil to support the trees and shrubs that take hold.

Ballyhack Point

I handrailed along the shore from Avondale to Conception Harbour and just before Ballyhack Point I saw a couple of stragglers - erratics deposited here when the glaciers melted about 12,000 years ago.

Shipwreck at Conception Harbour

This will be a familiar sight to Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador members.

I got on the water late so, after checking out the wreck I stopped for lunch. I found a little beach right alongside the road but nestled in between some large rocks I was well hidden from view. Only the sound of the odd car passing told me I hadn't left civilization.

At Salmon Cove Point

I left Conception Harbour and made for Salmon Cove Point. Rather than make a direct crossing, I took a bearing and paddled straight, diagonally across Gasters Bay towards Salmon Cove Point. The wind freshened and was a bit stronger than forecast but I was paddling straight into it. The water was lively at the point.

I turned and with the wind at my back I felt like I was paddling in air. It was startling the difference in purchase on the water with the wind at my back. It went as planned, paddle into the northerly breeze and coast back. A few hours well spent.

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