Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finding my sea legs

The fog before the storm

The forecast for the morning was SW 10 - 15 knots swinging and increasing to 15 - 20 from the north around noon accompanied by freezing rain. A window of opportunity presented itself so Dean and I went for a paddle with intention of being off the water before the weather went downhill.

The forecast was wrong because 30 minutes after we put-in at 9:00 the wind and rain moved in. We stuck around; suckers for punishment as the driving rain stung our faces. We paddled into the 15 knot winds for 30 minutes, sometimes unable to see through our glasses. After 30 minutes the wind had whipped up the water pretty good so we decided to call it a day.

A group of us have been paddling all winter but only in calm conditions. As a result we hadn't been out in conditions since, as Dean pointed out, November 11 of last fall. After months of calm water paddling it was apparent today that it will take a few times out to find my sea legs in more challenging conditions. It won't take long though.

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  1. Right on Tony, Dean. Them ole legs won't be long gettin' under you guys I suspect. Glad ya made it out though.