Saturday, September 18, 2010

Winds of change

Rain doesn't slow Dean down

The forecast today was rain with SW 15-20 knots until 12:30 when the wind would change to NW 20-30 knots. NW 20-30 makes it dangerous getting back int0 St. Philips harbour. So, Clyde, Dean and I met at 10:00 to get out for some playtime before the change.

We put in with conditions as forecast. Wind waves were from the SW and then at 10:30 a front came in with heavy rain as the wind made an abrupt change to the NW. The residual SW waves started to interact with wind waves now blowing in from the NW. Things became confused for 30 minutes until the NW winds reorganized the water and we had only waves from the NW.

We got the change in winds early but stayed out all the while keeping an eye on the entrance to the harbour. After an hour and a half of wind, rain and active water we took out and went home thoroughly satisfied.

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