Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A guarantee is a guarantee

Placid waters

Almost 9 weeks ago my Olympus Stylus 850 camera sprung a leak. I had purchased an extended warranty with it that cost $60. The warranty included a 60 day turnaround on repairs. I didn't realize at the time I purchased the warranty that meant if they didn't repair the camera in 60 days they would give me a new one.

I called a number of times to check when I'd get the camera back because I missed it. Details were scanty. So, I sat on my thumbs and tried to be patient. The closer it got to 60 I figured I'd just as soon get a new camera.

On day 61 (September 27) I presented myself at the moment the store opened to pick up my repaired camera. They told me the camera was on its way back. Well, I said, I have a 60 days guarantee and I'll either have my repaired camera or a new one if you don't mind. But sir, you put the camera in for repairs on July 28 and you'll have to wait until September 28. No, no, no .... 60 days are 60 days not 2 months.

I can be a stickler for details and precision when I want to be. The situation was resolved as I had it played out in my mind. I walked away with a new Olympus Stylus Tough-6020. I'm looking forward to getting out on the water again and start shooting. The question is: will it be tough enough for Tony?


  1. Nice one. :) Congrats with the new camera. :D

  2. Hey Mia, I went Saturday evening just before closing to see if I could get the camera or a replacement. That was 2 hours before closing and I would have been eligible to get the replacement on Sunday. Nothing doing, they were going to make me come back the next day. Sunday I decided to paddle rather than pursue the camera. The vendor was happy to nit-pic over 2 hours so I wasn't going to bend either when I went first thing on Monday morning.

    And, I've upgraded from 6 megapixels to 14 for free. So, I'm happy.

    Tony :-)