Saturday, September 4, 2010

A paddle missed

Stan headed for Cape Spear

Well, I've been burning the candle on both ends and its finally caught up to me. Between putting in my daughter's lawn and responsibilities for my own grounds, harvesting berries and wine making, kayaking and training at the gym, etc, etc, the batteries have been completely depleted. Time to rest and recover.

I woke this morning no more rested than when I went to bed. I had planned to accompany Clyde, Hazen and Stan on a paddle from Quidi Vidi but decided I needed some down time. I contacted Clyde to say I wouldn't be joining them after all and wished them a good paddle.

Usually I'd hope for an inclement weather day to force a rest. Not today as I wouldn't wish that on my paddling buddies. I know they're having a good one; I wish I could be out there too.


  1. I too seem to have over done it, and on a beautiful if windy day chose to stay home instead of hitting the water. I guess every now and then it's okay.


  2. Its hard sometimes to take the time for rest and reflection. Retirement is a blessing in one way but on the other hand when I was working my desk job meant I had part of each day without manual labour. Now I just seem to be going 240 all the time and it catches up after a while. We must be type "A" personalities, hey what PO?

    Tony :-)