Monday, September 6, 2010

An odd feeling

Here they come

Neil had posted a paddle from Quidi Vidi on the east side of the Avalon Peninsula to Torbay on the west. I considered but resisted with the intention of taking the whole weekend to recharge my batteries. I was taking a sabbatical from paddling but I did decide to take a short hike out to Torbay Point to see if I'd see them.

The sun was shining and warm. I ate my lunch and snoozed for a while. I thought they may have already passed but as I got up to leave I saw 3 dots on the horizon underneath the steeply dipping cliffs. I watched enviously through binoculars as they poked into a cave. After a while they headed to where I was sitting on the rocks.

Approaching the Point

As they came closer Neil recognized me. We exchanged a few words and he went on as I took this shot.

It was an odd feeling seeing these guys on the water and I on dry land.

West side story

Ysabelle, Neil and Julie after rounding Torbay Point and in Tor Bay proper heading for Outer Cove. The wind was blowing in a westerly direction and they were protected while paddling up from Quidi Vidi. Once around the Point there were a few whitecaps and the rest of the trip was a bit of work.

Precisely why I taking these shots from this vantage point on a recharge battery weekend.

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