Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trip interrupted

Trip leader at the Point

42 hours after Hurricane Igor hit and I lost electricity I'm ready to finish my paddle we undertook in Avondale. That was a bit longer than we lingered at Salmon Cove Point. We were there only about 10 minutes watching as swell after swell rolled in and crashed on the rocks at the point.

Dean was our trip leader for the day so he ushered us on our way as it was getting close to lunch.

Arriving at Ballyhack

We retraced our steps back to Salmon Cove and there decided to make a direct crossing to Ballyhack Point. Just beyond the point is the regular take-out beach for paddles in the area.

Lunch on the rocks

We took out at Ballyhack to have lunch. I had proposed we bring our camp stoves to cook. Some of the guys did but I changed my mind and brought a sandwich. Watching them cook up made me regret not bringing mine.

Some fine shacks

Paddling along the shore from Ballyhack towards Conception Harbour we entered Middle Arm where some posh homes are built.

A rusting hulk

This old whaling ship has seen better days but is now left in Conception Harbour to rust away. I'm not sure what the logic was to leave it here because while its interesting to paddle around, it is an eyesore. The most interesting thing I hadn't noticed before were the fir trees that were growing on the deck of the derelict.

Done snooping around the old wreck we paddled back to Avondale to take out. The fresh water in the river made it easy to wash up our gear so we didn't have to do that at home. We had an easy relaxing paddle that turned out to be a hair shy of 20 kms and for anyone reading this post, 42 hours to complete!!!


  1. Kind of cool rusting hulk, but still...

  2. I agree Mia. In the days of wooden ships when they were cast aside they would rot away quickly. Iron ships will too of course but just take longer.

    Tony :-)