Monday, September 27, 2010

Just paddle

Club paddle last year in Aquaforte

There was no club paddle in Aquaforte this year so 6 of us had our own "club" paddle. And that's what I did on Sunday - just paddle.

I've been using a non-waterproof camera kept in a zip-lock baggie since my waterproof sprung a leak. Its time consuming work to take pictures then. Open baggie, take picture, put back in baggie and stow. Then play catch-up with the rest of the crew who have kept paddling.

On Sunday I left the camera at home and, in a way, had paddling freedom. It felt different without stopping to compose pictures and it was a nice change of pace. But that was a one-off. Today I'm getting back either my refurbished waterproof camera or a new replacement. That will make picture taking easier and therefore paddling overall more pleasant.