Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Moose in my backyard

I live in a rural setting outside the city of St. John's but close enough to be able to take advantage of both country and city living.

I've seen moose walk through my yard before but this time they stuck around for about 5 minutes as I watched from a back window. They seemed lost as to where to go as they milled about in the blackberry and raspberry bushes. A developer has cleared land behind me for new houses and may have disturbed a route these moose have used regularly in the past.

After nibbling on some juicy looking trees they took off at a gallop - a mama and a yearling twin.

That raised a question for me. If more than one goose is geese, wouldn't I have been viewing meese? And wouldn't it have been a maggle of meese?


  1. Exactly! Who made up English anyway? It's full of these errors! LOL Great post!

  2. Its a good thing we don't have to learn English hey wha' Michael. Its one of the most difficult to learn for non-English speaking people.

    The meese crossed the road and passed between two hice (mouse - mice; house hice) *lol*

    Tony :-)