Sunday, September 5, 2010

Outside the comfort zone

Ralph earlier this summer in Burgeo

This morning I made a batch of black currant wine. And, yes I make it the traditional way - I stomp the berries. When I make wine I listen to the radio to relieve the boredom of berry stomping. The music switched to the Leeza Gibbons' show.

The topic for the day was stepping outside the comfort zone. Her guest contended that we are truly alive when we step outside of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves. Reading between the lines I knew she wasn't talking about crossing the street before reaching a crosswalk. She meant, for example, throwing oneself out of an airplane to skydive.

Stepping outside the comfort zone to me doesn't mean taking undue risk that could result in death. There's not much sense of feeling totally alive for a few minutes followed by an eternity of black.

Lots of times as I've learned to paddle I've stepped outside of my comfort zone. I felt then it was a growth opportunity. There's always some risk every time I put my boat on the water and I accept that. Its a calculated risk. But, never at the risk of a final paddle and I never bite off more than can be chewed. It still makes me feel alive.

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