Friday, October 1, 2010

Trying out the new camera

The first shot

I was looking forward to Thursday evening to try out my new camera.

The Olympus Stylus Tough 6020 looks and feels more rugged than my old Stylus 850SW. I found some other differences too. Some that don't affect picture taking so much and some that do. For example, the button that selects the program is gone and controlled now by software.

I did find the camera is a bit slower to power up and be ready to take pictures. I also felt there was a delay between pressing the shutter release button and when the shutter actually closed, especially when the flash was needed to fill in. Just my impressions but I'm sure there are lots of consumer reports that maybe I should go check out.

In any case I was happy to be on the water again with a waterproof camera.

Gerard in his new boat

We had seven for our usual Thursday evening paddle, one of which was Gerard. Gerrard guides for The Outfitters in Bay Bulls and seemed to be glad to be paddling somewhere else and in his new P&H Sirius.

The winds were calm and there was only going to be about an hour of daylight so we decided to paddle up the shore for 30 minutes and turn back.

Clyde in the rocks

The light started to fade. At St. Thomas Cove we turned around and paddled back to St. Philips. The failing light seemed to add a bluish tinge to the picture?

In the dark

By the time we got back to the river to rinse the salt out of our gear it had gotten dark. It was like the bottom fell out of the light.

An entertaining evening in more than one way. The paddle itself was entertaining and I found out it will take some getting used to the new camera. That's like anything new, it take a little while before it begins to feel familiar but so far, so good.


  1. I would be interested to now what you think of this camera in about 12 months, by then you will have tested how rugged and durable it is.

  2. Im looking at the 8020 myself. im hoping by spending a bit extra it will last me more than the three i killed this year~!

  3. Lee, I got the 6020 as a replacement under a warranty agreement so I didn't have a choice. The 8020 must be a better camera but I don't know if its worth the difference in price. I'm sure you'll check out the consumer reports before buying.

    Rob, I will certainly do that but at this point I don't see that as an issue. I believe my 850SW leaked after banging it on the cockpit combing (it was in a pocket of my PFD). The 6020 has the battery access on the side as opposed to the bottom.

    Tony :-)

  4. Iwas thinking the same thing reference price, I just want something sturdy! Something I can throw on the yak and not have to baby it.