Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Friday again

Just about a year ago

Last year on Good Friday Stan and I paddled out to the Iona Islands in Placentia Bay. It was a week later last year but still Good Friday. I always called it Best Friday - every Friday was good as it meant the weekend was upon me but when I didn't have to work on Friday it was "Best" Friday.

I ran into a high school classmate of mine yesterday. The remarkable thing was I recognized him after 40+ years.

These two are related in that both are connected to the passage of time. One Good Friday to the next is just one year apart and that seems to fly by. After running into my classmate I realized 41 had gone by since we left school and things were put into perspective. Funny though, I don't feel any different, than when I was in school, that is.


  1. Hi Tony my mind dosn't feel much different but my knee sure does!

  2. Douglas, the mind is willing but the body doesn't always listen. I should have said I think the same as I've always done! Can't hide the mileage though.

    Tony :-)

  3. That post made me long ago was I in school? OMG, 40 years!