Sunday, April 25, 2010

In a pinch (gut)

Pinchgut environs

The forecast called for 10 - 15 knot winds out of the north so we drove the 80 kms south west from St John's to St. Mary's Bay. There was light dusting of snow when I got up this morning and the temperature wasn't going to get much above zero. We were in a bit of bind to find a paddle destination we could enjoy under the circumstances. In a pinch, Clyde came up with 20 km paddle leaving from Harricott, out the outside of Tickle Island, back down Pinchgut Tickle and return to Harricott.


One of the rituals of sea kayaking is loading the boats and the anticipation of the days paddle adventure.

The sun came out

After we put in the sun came out for a while and we were on top of the world.

In the lowlands

The area of Pinchgut Tickle in St Mary's Bay is made up of low laying land that at times is no more than a few feet above the high tide mark. There are lots of emergency take outs so its a great area to bring beginner paddlers for their first taste of salt water paddling. Or anyone else for that matter as it was today.

The air was alive today with the chirping of birds where the trees grow so close down to the water. But ya had to stop and listen.

Speedy Gonzales

I think Gerard had tooooooooo much coffee this morning. He was like the Energizer Bunny and kept sprinting ahead. Some days are like that when the paddle has extra bite and the boat just flies along.

Here he's paddling along on the outside of Tickle Island. I don't know if all the dead trees are a result of a natural life cycle where they've reached their maximum age or the salt has wreaked havoc on them because there was a lot of dead wood.

Shallow water

You'd never say it from this picture but here the water was barely 1 foot deep.

Underwater life

Pinchgut Tickle is as shallow as the land on both sides of it are low. That means that the scenery below the water is as accessible as the scenery above it. While I did take time to look beneath my boat, I need to take more pictures like this one.


  1. Hi Tony, I'm really sorry I couldn't make it yesterday. I had way too much stuff to get done around the house....namely raking the grass. Looks like you guys had a great time. Thanks for calling me, I really appreciate it. Hopefully I will be joining you guys sometime soon.


  2. Don't sweat it Brian, I know how it is with other commitments. I'll keep you in mind the next time we're headed your way.

    Tony :-)

  3. I regret having to miss this paddle as well but there'll be many more to come!!

    Next time,


  4. Sean, we missed both yourself and Stan yesterday but found evidence that you had been in the area! You'll have to check out a post I'll do tomorrow.

    Tony :-)

  5. Ooooh nice hook - now I'll have to come back to see!!