Friday, April 9, 2010

Can you practice enough?

Sean does a slo-mo roll

We started up practice sessions at St. Philips for the year last night. That's 5 weeks earlier than last year. There were 7 of us, exactly 6 more than the first session last year when I braved the cold and ice pellets by myself.

We'll be at St. Philips every Thursday evening rain or shine, calm or windy. There's no guided instruction except when someone does something well and we try to copy. Everyone is free to do whatever they like, be it just paddle around or practice rescues. The only pressure everyone is under is to have a good time.

And more rolling ... Dean

I checked the water temperature; the thermometer said 5C! Unbelievably warm for this time of year when I would expect temps in the 2C area.

That sparked a bunch of rolls and out-of-boat episodes.


Eugene and Craig were content to practice paddle strokes. I'm not sure but I believe it was Eugene's first time on the water since our exciting paddle last November when we go caught out in a sudden snow squall and had to take out far from our cars.


  1. To answer the headline of this post - NO. you can't. I have been paddling seriously for 15 years. I have paddled BC and Alaska (repeatedly). I teach privately and occasionally for (I think) one of the best outdoor schools in the world. Today I spent an hour studying the way wind effects drift, skulling braces, and cross bow rudders. I wish I had a group like yours to paddle with. It was 70 degrees today and I was still the only one on the water.... What are people waiting for.

    thanks for the post.


  2. Hey PO

    I'm lucky to have these people to practice with. Two years ago there were 4, last year we averaged 8 ... its building. Picking Thursday means we're not always going to get conditions but we take what we get.

    I don't know what it is but not everyone sees the need to practice so when they have to do a rescue or the wind comes up they don't know how to handle it.

    If you could get one person maybe you could grow a group yourself. Good luck with it!

    Tony :-)

  3. may see you guys out there this summer when I come into the city to plan our trip.