Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On second thought

Unattractive, maybe not

My last post I called this stretch of coast as not particularly attractive. Reader PO left a comment that he thought it was. On second thought I change my mind and agree with him.

I wonder if my mood was maybe a bit like the weather that day - a bit foggy and gray? Its been like this now for a week, I felt tired and the boat felt sluggish. I didn't feel like I had the usual zip or bounce in my step. Yet, I was happy to be back in my boat after a week of crappy weather.

Sorry, even a cold rainy miserable day on the water is a blessing, though it took me a day later to realize it.

Could it be Hawaii?

I suppose, if the temperature was 20 degrees warmer. Here Clyde sits to enjoy both the spectacle of the water falling and the sound of it as it tumbles over the rocks into the sea.


  1. flattered that my comment had such an effect.



  2. Ya know, sometimes I think each of us is so familiar with our surroundings that we take them for granted and don't realize what we have, wherever we live. Nice to be reminded!

    Tny :-)