Friday, April 23, 2010

What can go wrong?

Neville gets an assisted rescue

What can go wrong in a kayak? There's no way to imagine everything but you know that things will go wrong from time to time. Simple things can quickly get complicated.

Last evening 8 of us met for our usual Thursday evening practice. After some paddle stroke practice I heated up enough to want a dip in the 5 C water.

I jumped out. As I did the camera which is tethered to my PFD came out, landed in the cockpit and slid under the seat. A simple cowboy scramble on became a little complicated by first having to disentangle the camera from under the seat. It was no big deal in the setting I was in but what if that were to happen in the soup, in the rocks when speed of action is needed?

That's the beauty of practice. Even if something totally different happens for real, a past practice may just provide the coolness of mind to get out of trouble.

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