Sunday, June 1, 2014

Paddle ad hoc and the three bergs - Part 1

Two weeks ago Tobias informed us of an iceberg in Stiles Cove just north of Flatrock.  Today we finally got around to checking it out.  There was also a berg in Pouch Cove that was on our radar.

Brian, Hazen, Sue, Tobias and I met at Flatrock.  The wind forecast was friendly but I suspected it would be a bumpy ride judging by the wave model forecast.

It is fairly protected inside the cove at Flatrock and when we saw the water bashing against the shoreline I anticipated things getting more interesting out of the protection of the land.

Up to Read Head things were comfortable enough even though in the broad open swell.

As we rounded Red Head we were greeted by the happy sight of the iceberg still floating in the vicinity of Stiles Cove.  The sea though had become more active as rebounding waves coming out of Red Head Cove interacted with the incoming swell.

The larger berg had to wait as Tobias suggested we go check out this smaller, flat berg in Red Head Cove first.

Which of course we duly did before making our way towards Stiles Cove where ...

 ... this beauty awaited.

We paddled around it as on each side the shape changed again and ...

... again.  A berg bit floats several hundred meters away maybe calved from the main berg some time ago.

After filling our senses with this berg we ...

... paddled northerly towards a berg reportedly off of Pouch Cove.  In Small Point Cove water was cascading over the cliffs after recent heavy rains.

We didn't know what to expect or how far offshore the berg in Pouch Cove was until we reached Black Head North.  We weren't sure but as we would find out, we would not be disappointed.  Stay tuned.

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