Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hot fun in the summertime

Its the first Thursday evening for the summer at St. Philips.  The air temperature was a cool 11C but the water has warmed up to 10C.  That meant is was comfortable for extended time in the water and under the water.  Dean doing a high brace.

A small bit of swell to negotiate through rocks at the south end of the cove.  Entry level stuff.

Hazen was there with his new Eastern Islands Torngat kayak.  Here he's doing his first saltwater roll.  He wanted a picture.  I asked what side he was going to roll on.  No definite answer.  So, he rolled up on the side away from me.  Dean watches in case a bow rescue was required.

Karen was there too in her outrigger canoe.  For someone used to sitting lower in a kayak, I thought it must be tippy seated so high.  Definitely want to emphasize weight distribution towards the outrigger side.

Great also to see such a different craft on the water.

Thursday evenings are a chance to practice different kayak skills in a supportive environment.  Reference Hazen's roll under our watchful eyes.  But, its also has a social side as a bunch rafts up.

In the middle of the raft-up Hazen was persuaded to play musical kayaks.  Neville got in his Torngat and Hazen got himself  safely in ...

... Neville's Victory.  That precipitated Dean trying out the Torngat as well as Clyde.  Neville checked out Dean's Nordkapp and Sean's strip built Black Pearl.  Oh those zany kayakers.

It was a fun evening with some of the regulars and Karen and Dale out for the first time this year.  Hope to see more in the following weeks of summer.

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