Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Iceberg aftergow

After paddling through a cluster of some 25 icebergs I took out, loaded my kayak and gear and drove through Duntara, Kings Cove  and Stock Cove to Lockston Path Provincial Park to camp for the night where it was ...

... happy hour!

The first order of business was to down a cold one under warm clear sunny skies.  Refreshed, I set up my tent and tarp which I conveniently tied one end to the car.  Then another Bud.  I felt dehydrated *lol*

I was by myself yet it was a most pleasant, satisfied feeling.

After my second brewski I felt rehydrated and got my new stove out to make supper.  I had a one burner Coleman stove that worked fine but lacked the ability to simmer.  I decided to buy the MSR Dragonfly from Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) that could be adjusted from a roaring full out boil to a slow simmer.  I was told it was a noisy stove but I certainly didn't find it particularly noisy and it worked great.

After eating supper I got my second acquisition out, the GSI Collapsible Java Drip from MEC.  Up to now I had been slumming with instant coffee.  With this gadget I was stepping coffee time up a notch.  Rather than drop the coffee into the filter and pour boiling water through it I added coffee to the boiling water, let sit for a minute and then filtered the concoction.  A scoop of powered milk and hot cocoa and, voila, cafe mocha.  The drip collapses down and fits into the cover on the left.  I wondered if it could get any better.

After cleaning up from supper the flies came out in droves so I moved happy hour into the tent to escape them.

I brought along a book for entertainment entitled "The Brendan Voyage" by Tim Severin.  If anyone thought a person was crazy to paddle solo, well offshore, around a cluster of icebergs they should read this book.  It was a replication of a said Atlantic crossing to North America by Saint Brendon and Irish monks in the 6th century in an ox-skin covered boat.

As the light failed it began to rain and I fell asleep to the sound of pitter-patter rain on the tarp.

Morning broke and it was still raining.  I had planned to paddle again but decided to pull the plug and head for home completely satisfied with my little solo adventure.

Here's the track through the cluster of icebergs that totaled 20.0 kms exactly.

This for me it was more than about a trip to see a bunch of icebergs.  More than once I have made plans midweek to paddle here or there by myself but decided against it.  My paddle friends couldn't come on this paddle for various reasons.  I again considered shelving the idea.  It looked to me like I'd only have their company in three weeks time when the bergs were either greatly diminished or completely blown offshore.

No, I said to myself, I'll go anyway, carpe diem.  As I drove out the highway the thrill of adventure was accentuated by the solitary nature of the trip.  With each kilometer traveled the sense grew.  I knew I had made the right decision, especially as I arrived in Keels.

Its been proven that a wide circle of family and friends adds to the longevity and quality of life.  Make no mistake though, being by myself gave me time to reflect and appreciate that I can keep good company by myself.  As the quote on my blog header says "Happiness is an inside job"; made ever more evident for me on this trip.