Monday, June 16, 2014

Out of the fire and into the calm

We had arrived at Cape Spear and there was one more iceberg we had to tag.  It was a monster in the middle of St. John's Bay.  Dean and I arrived first and looked back to see where Clyde, Gary and Hazen were.  Only when we were all on the top of a swell could we see them in the mountains of water.

Clyde cruises by dwarfed by the berg.

Hazen in his new kayak was starting to get the feel of her and beginning to feel more comfortable.  We paddled around to ...

... check out the slippery slope face.  Water was flowing off of the berg melting in the blistering sun.  After several minutes admiring the mountain of ice we ...

... headed back towards the first iceberg we encountered earlier in the day hoping we could get better pictures with the sun behind us.

Cabot Tower on Signal Hill is caught between two bergs, the only earthy colour dominated by blue water and sky and white ice.

Ride 'em cowboy!  Closer to the shore the swell got bigger again which we had to paddle through until we were back in ...

... the tranquil sheltered waters of Quidi Vidi.  Our stabilizer muscles had gotten a good workout on our 20 km journey among the bergs.

Back on the slipway at Quidi Vidi we stowed away our gear before heading for the nearest coffee shop where we debriefed the day's paddle.

Its been a banner year for icebergs.  This was my six time out.  We may not see them again for a few years so we have to take advantage and enjoy them while they are accessible.

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