Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ants paddling by an iceberg

On Saturday Clyde, Dean, Gary, Hazen and I did a tour of icebergs (here and here) near St. John's.  As I paddled under Signal Hill I could see people up on the hill checking out the bergs from up on high.  I wondered if they could see us.

Yesterday evening Hazen mail to say there was a picture of us on the local website of the CBC, Canada's national broadcaster.  When I saw it, it was an instant WOW.

The picture was accompanied by the following comment: "One does not truly appreciate the size of an iceberg until you have something to compare its' size. From Ft. Amherst Saturday morning, 5 kayakers were observed paddling near the iceberg. Check the size of this iceberg against the kayakers! (Dave Armstrong)"

I called David and he was kind enough to mail me a copy.

Click to enlarge the picture to see the true scale of the berg relative to the five of us next to the berg.  I am one of the two to the right followed some distance behind by the other three.


  1. Thanks for telling us there is paddlers in the photo... Or else I would never have noticed... ;) Awesome!

  2. David Armstrong, who took the photo, didn't notice at first as we were hidden at times in the swell. I was really surprised by the size of the iceberg in the picture because it looked different from the water.

    Tony :-)