Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Leaving Wild Cove for home

On Saturday Brian, Clyde, Dean and I had paddled from Admirals Beach to Wild Cove on Great Colinet Island where we camped.  Hazen joined us later in the day.  After roasting a duck, having a few swallies and a fire we hit the hay with the sound of seagulls overhead and the surf pounding on the shore.

In the morning we had breakfast, broke camp and left Wild Cove.

We rounded Wild Head, which it was, wild that is, and paddled northerly along the southeast side of Great Colinet Island.  The cliffs were higher along this side than elsewhere on the island as we drifted into small coves with caves.

We only had 9 kms to paddle back to the cars in the morning so we took our time to enjoy the scenery.

The morning that started overcast began to brighten as we made slow progress up the east side.  Maybe there was a bit of reluctance to end the trip too soon.

The further north we went the land lost its height and some of its interest.

About 5 kms from Wild Cove we got out to have a look around the abandoned community of Mosquito.  The main point of interest there now is the graveyard which is set on top of a low hill overlooking the now vacant fields.

Mosquito is one of the abandoned communities featured in the book "Places Lost" by Scott Walden.

Leaving Mosquito, which makes it sound like its still a place, we weren't far from the north end of the island and the short crossing back to ...

... Admirals Beach.  End of trip.  Almost.  A stop for a meal of fish and chips on the drive home and it was complete.

It wasn't a weekend of a lot of paddling.  The distance to our camp site in Wild Cove was only a tad over 14 kms but it was a bit of work in the wind.  The return was a short 9.3 kilometer paddle in calm conditions.

We knew beforehand the trip would not offer a lot of paddling but the focus was more on getting away.  The highlight was the roasting of the duck.  Dean wondered how the duck would turn out.  I replied that either way, it had a lot of entertainment value.

The duck was fine and the trip was excellent.  Thanks guys for sharing the weekend.

Here's a link to Dean's blog and detailed account of the trip.

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