Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Paddle ad hoc and the three bergs - Part 3

So, after our stop in Shoe Cove, we paddled in brilliant sunshine back to Flatrock.  We were in sunshine but in the distance we could see fog and we would be back in gloomy conditions before long.

Back in gloomy conditions like now, serenaded by the crash of swell upon the rocks.

The shoreline from Shoe Cove runs east - west.  Rounding Blackhead North we turned south and spotted the iceberg we had visited earlier in the day.  We had it coming and going, two for the price of one.

Again we stopped to take in the the majesty of our visitor from Greenland.

We were lucky we did linger.  For a few minutes the sun found an opening in the clouds and shone a search light on the berg bringing it to sparkling life.

Satisfied with our visits to three icebergs, one twice, we left it in our rear view mirrors.

Some of the paddling back to Flatrock was up hill.

Beyond Red Head lay Flatrock and ...

... the end of a most enjoyable day.

While we were putting away our gear some people stopped to chat  One guy asked us where we had gone.  When we told him he said he had seen us leave in the morning and was amazed at our "speedy" return.  Lets face it, its impossible to explain the merits of our craft and sport to some.

A dandy day spent with icebergs.  These days start out with the unknown because icebergs move and we're not always sure to encounter them.  Sometimes its just lets see what happens.  Today our tour of the icebergs took 27..4 kms.  Worth every paddle stroke.

And, the breadcrumbs:

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