Monday, June 2, 2014

Paddle ad hoc and the three bergs - Part 2

After leaving the iceberg near Stiles Cove we paddled north in search of an iceberg reported off of Pouch Cove.  Near Blackhead North I said to myself "Yes" as I saw the iceberg on the horizon.

We conferred on distance the iceberg lay hence.  I figured about 5 kms.  We agreed we'd paddle out to it so we struck out over open water.  It was just a matter of paddling and every now and then look up to see if it was getting closer.  It grew in size imperceptibly until ...

... forty minutes later we had crossed the 4.5 kms distance to this huge berg.

Again we paddled around it and from every side it looked like ...

... a different iceberg.  From this angle it looked like it could have been an aircraft carrier.

We hung around for a bit when we conferred again as to what next.  I pointed out Shoe Cove in the distance as an option to take out for a break before heading back to Flatrock.

On our way to Shoe Cove the fog lifted in our area and the sun came out.  We had been in the kayaks more than two hours and a direct return to Flatrock would have meant another two before being able to stretch our legs.  The imminent stretch and the sun shortened the 4 kms paddle back to land.

The sun was glorious as we sat and had a snack.  The entrance to the cove nicely framed the iceberg we had just visited in the distance.

We were quite pleased with ourselves and after the break looked forward to the remaining 10 km paddle back to Flatrock.


  1. Icebergs! How cool is that! Awsome!

  2. Yup, lots of icebergs around this year so we're out chasing them down. Some of the older folk say they've never seen so many bergs. Wile the bergs are cool, they are also keeping the air temperatures below normal but I don't mind.

    Tony :-)

  3. Hi Tony, you are one up on us in the berg department, The Gulf Stream keeps them away from our shores. I love the deep turquoise colour. :o)

  4. Yes, we live in iceberg alley. Thy drift by going south every year but some years the winds keep them too far offshore so we don't see them. This is a banner year for icebergs. They are majestic but they also keep things cool around here so you have it much warmer thanks to the gulf stream.

    There aren't many places to see icebergs so I'm pleased to share pictures of them.

    Tony :-)