Saturday, April 5, 2014

Waiting for spring weather

During the past week we had a good old nor'easter that dumped 40 cms (16 inches) of snow.  It is technically spring but it was anything like spring.  Clyde, Dean and I decided on a paddle anyway at a place familiar to us and close by.

When I arrived I was greeted by a bank of snow that kept me out of the parking lot which necessitated ...

... a drag of 100 meters over snow to the put-in.

It was -4 C with ice fog when we arrived, some of which obscured the top of Bell Island.

We paddled down the coast to Portugal Cove through this channel which is one of my favourite spots with varying degrees of happy memories.  Happy when negotiated and less so when dumped in a natural washing machine.

Everywhere ice and snow still clung to the cliffs held firmly in place by a cool north wind

As we entered Portugal Cove the ferry was returning from Bell Island so we waited for it to clear the shipping lane before proceeding on our way ...

... up the snow clad coast to our destination of ...

... Brocks Pond falls which tumbled over cliffs some 70 meters high.  Water was running under the ice and snow.  We considered trying to get out but that would have required a swim onto and over the rocks.  Neither of us felt any great urge to do that so we hung out for a few minutes before heading back where a hot coffee would be waiting.

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