Monday, April 14, 2014

Cruising into Colliers

Finished lunch, we put in again and checked out this waterfall in a small cove next to where we had lunch.  A few of us took turns to duck into the shallow cave behind the cascading water.

The colour of the rocks behind the falls looked psychadelic.

Inside, looking out through a curtain of water.

Sue was wondering what the "white stuff" was.  A seaweed of some sort but I hadn't see anything like it before.

We hugged the western shoreline and exiting Curtain Cove we were looking down Colliers Bay.

A few walls of ice were clinging on to the last vestiges of winter.

Looks can be deceiving.  This looks like a cobble beach and that would be right if we had been here some 542 million years ago.  Now, its a conglomerate from the Cambrian period that is exposed in James Cove.

Entering Burkes Cove we were greeted by erratics resting on the rocky shore  Erratics are rocks that were picked up and transported miles by glaciers and left to rest where they were when the glaciers melted on the Avalon about 12,000 years ago.

In Dock Cove I checked out this rust bucket with the name "Hamilton Banker" registered in St. John's but unlikely to ever see that port agin.

Looking back from where we came Sue is between Ryans Head on the right and Marysvale Ridge on the left.  We were almost in Colliers where we had left the cars five hours earlier.

All that was left to do after a wonderful day on the water was to change clothing and load the kayaks. But, before we went home the seven of us stopped for a coffee and a chat.  Thanks everyone for sharing the day.

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