Sunday, March 30, 2014

LaManche through the backdoor

After a while it get difficult to find a stretch of coast I haven't paddled before.  There are lots but not many that are close to home suitable for a day paddle.  I've been to LaManche a few times, always leaving from Tors Cove.  Today Clyde, Dean, Hazen, Neville and I went back to LaManche but left from Brigus South.

Clyde, Dean and I waited for Old Wobbly to put-in by checking out some action at this rock in the entrance to the harbour.

A number of years ago I paddled the same stretch of coast but well off shore.  This time we hugged the shoreline all the way checking out every nook and cranny.

Staying in close made for entertaining paddling in the waves and clapotis.

Officially its spring but winter hasn't yet released its icy grip.

It still felt like winter with an ashen sky overhead but not bitter cold.  Melt water is starting to flow.

Nor was the scenery brightened by the grey to black slates that run like a ribbon from Brigus South northwards for some 65 kilometers as far as Torbay.

Hanging out is a small cove which we did at every opportunity.

Having logged almost 12 kms we reached LaManche, the site of an abandoned fishing community that is now dominated by an impressive suspension bridge as part of the East Coast Trail.  We started to see patches of blue sky as we rounded Cape Neddick.

Bathed in brilliant sunlight we ate our lunch warmed by the sunbeams that fell on us in this protected though cramped take-out.

After our lunch we turned our bows south sped along with the wind which had picked up from the northeast and ...

... before long we were back at Brigus South.  Hugging the shore gave us 11.7 kms, doing so less rigorously on the return netted us 8.5, a sizable difference.

This will be the last paddle for March.  Winter is behind us.  Some were looking forward to warmer temperatures.  I think they'll be disappointed - there's another 15 cm of snow in the forecast in the next two days.

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