Sunday, April 20, 2014

Post script Cape Broyle

Six of us paddled in Cape Broyle on Best Friday.  The morning's paddle saw us stopped for lunch at 12:00 at Lance Cove.  The distance from the put-in to Lance Cove was only 9.5 kms so we decided to continue on east out of the harbour and check out Cathedral Cave.

East of Lance Cove we had some rock gardens to explore.

Dean scoots over the surge while Ron waits for him to clear.  Timing is everything to catch the surging water versus the water sucking out.

Just past Church Cove we entered Cathedral Cave, a huge vaulting cave descriptive of its name.

Its a deep cave with daylight at the end.  The sea is busy trying to wear its way through but still has some work to do before the opening is passable.

Unable to pass through, we turned to exit.  I caught the gang barely silhoutetted in the bright light at the cave entrance.  The scale is immense.

The camera struggles to capture detail of the cliffs on the outside of this tunnel.  We passed through here on the outward leg of our trip when the water was higher.  On the return the water had dropped but we were still able to get by the rocks guarding its entrance.

We took our time retracing our paddle strokes now with the light wind and gentle swell at our backs.  It warmed up noticeable with the wind behind us.

We found the gatekeeper when we arrived back at the slipway.  He wanted a $3.00 launch fee for each kayak.  Not an unreasonable sum but unexpected.  We paid up and went for coffee before driving home after a super day in our kayaks.

I checked my calendar at home to discover it was two years and one day since I was in Cape Broyle.  I should make it an annual paddle because its a great paddle destination that is best timed for high tide.

Thanks to Brian, Clyde, Dean, Ron and Sue for sharing the day.  All the more enjoyed the following day looking out at the freezing rain.

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