Monday, April 7, 2014

Klingons along the coast

After a short stay at Brocks Pond falls Clyde, Dean and I turned south for the return leg of our paddle.  The light but cool northerly wind in our faces on the way up were now behind us.

It was April 5th and two weeks into spring but no sign of it yet.  There are still numerous masses of ice clinging on to the cliffs and ...

... winter is clinging on too.

A short stop to stretch our legs after almost three hours in the kayaks and we were on our way again.  Here, Dean explains the details of my Christmas Eve swim in this channel.  Such fond memories!

A recurring theme on the day.

Approaching St. Philips and the completion of our 20 km paddle.

I've enjoyed my winter paddles but I'm ready for some warmer weather.  Winter drags on, though more like clinging on and no end in sight yet.

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