Friday, April 11, 2014

Weeeee're back

Last evening we had our first Thursday evening practice/get-together at St. Philips for the year.

It was windy so we spent the evening catching some surf rides.  A bit of a slog into the wind, turn, drop skeg, paddle furiously to get on the face of a wave.

The waves weren't organized so patience was required to catch the biggest and best waves.  If you read the literature the recommended practice is to start paddling hard once you feel the stern get picked up.  I find I catch more waves if I start paddling as soon as the first wave passes under the bow.  Such a joy when effort is rewarded with the bow purling as the kayak hurtles along and the skeg hums.

Derrick in a close up of his newly painted kayak.  Its a strip built and this past winter he decided to paint the hull white.  Looked pretty sharp.

So, the first of our regular Thursday evenings is in the books.  I look forward to them because regardless of weather, they go anyway.

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