Friday, April 18, 2014

A day in Cape Broyle

Today was the Best Friday holiday.  I joined Brian, Clyde, Dean, Ron and Sue for a day paddle in Cape Broyle.  Lets face it, every Friday is a good Friday but when its a statutory holiday, its "Best Friday".

The first attraction after leaving the slipway is this waterfall where Horse Chops River tumbles down to meet the sea.  Spring runoff was in fine form today.

Paddling up to Sheeps Head where we usually cross over to the south side where ...

... the cliffs became more imposing.  Here Clyde marvels at the wonder of the rocks bent in an anticline.  Not sure if he knew he was looking at an anticline but he does now.  Still a bit of ice around.

Ron squeezing through a narrow gap and ...

... Brian navigating surging water amongst the rocks.  There was just enough swell running in from the northeast to make rock hopping interesting.

Clyde checks out this cave-in-the making which right now is just an overhang.

A relaxing paddle under massive cliffs ...

 ... where, in places, the sea has created tunnels for us to explore.  Clyde switches to his Euro blade after cracking off his Greenland paddle.  When that happens we have firewood *lol*

As I said, spring runoff was in full swing.  This waterfall runs even in summer though and is a refreshing shower on a hot day.  On a day with the temperature near zero and lower with the wind chill factored in, it was chilly.  Nevertheless, I could not resist taking a quick run through the falling water but paid for it as it took some time to warm up again.

The Freshwater River, a more potent waterfall, tumbling over the cliffs in bright sunshine.

It was almost 12:00 and my lunch was calling me.  Good thing too that we were in Lance Cove where we intended to take out for something to eat.  Lance Cove is guarded by this impressive seastack.

We landed in Lance Cove on this sandy beach for lunch.  A little breeze blew out of the northeast which kept things chilly even in the sunshine.  Some of us donned oversized coats to keep warm.

The day was still young and there was more to see, in particular Cathedral Cave.  To be continued ...


  1. Wow, that was what I would call a great tour. Nice photos and the time between the winter, spring and summer is a good time I think. We have great weather in Norway as well these day. Looking forward to part 2.

  2. Thanks Rolf. Oddly enough its been two years since I paddled here. That made it all the more enjoyable.

    Tony :-)